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Match maid SG selected as a top 120 social enterprise

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We have a new site launch, going live in September 2017

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What you need to know when it comes to hiring a foreign domestic worker

There may be many things first time employers do not know of when hiring a foreign domestic worker however, when you engage a maid agency like Match Maid Sg, we will guide you step by step and help manage your maid hiring process so that you do not need to worry.

Firstly, you will have to participate in the Employers’ Orientation Programme (EOP) which is a 3-hour programme to help you understand your responsibilities and role as an employer of a foreign domestic worker. You will have to complete the EOP at least 2 working days before submitting a work permit application.

You can take the EOP either in the classroom or online. However, you are encouraged to attend the classroom orientation programme because the case studies and personal experiences shared in class will help you have a much clearer understanding of employing and managing a domestic helper. The online orientation will cost $40 while the class programme will range from $28 to $30.

Secondly, you have to be clear on some of the guidelines as the employer of a domestic helper such as their rest days, physical & emotional well-being, the salary (averagely ranging from $600 – $900 per month), and their entitlement to overseas/home leave. With that being said, we will walk with you through the hiring process.

Lastly, we will apply for a work permit on behalf of the domestic helpers. At Match Maid Sg, we ensure that all of our maids will have a work permit before they can begin work. Applying for a permit is not that difficult after all. What you need to do is to simply provide us with your identification card (NRIC), letter of employment, your income information and family particulars. We will handle the rest of the application process for you, within 5 to 7 working days.

As first time employers, you may be confused on what to do or apply but here with Match Maid Sg, you can count on us to guide you through this maid hiring process. From start to finish, we will handle everything but of course, we will only make suggestions in terms of the maid selection based on our professional experiences and you will have the final say.

Friend and Maid

Match Maid SG Feature: Private & secure interview rooms for you and your maid

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Match Maid SG Feature: Our Online Maid Biodata is up!

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